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Universal Signing - Proof

Why is photographic proof important?

In the era of fraud and autograph forgeries on the internet, we have taken a pro-active approach to help our customers buy in confidence. We attempt to show photo proof with as many items as we can, and will always be able to provide details of when and where an item was autographed.

Jeff Cohen signing for Universal Signing

We hope that proof photos help to separate us from the many dodgy dealers who are flooding the marketplace with forged autographs. It has been estimated that between 80-90% of sport autographs on the UK market are fake! We feel that the only way to distinguish honourable sellers from the fake ones is with the help of photographic proof.

Do we sell our proof photos?

Please note we do not sell or supply our proof photos. We use them simply to help establish authenticity. We used to provide buyers with a proof photo whenever possible; however over the years we have had problems with other sellers using our proof photos as their own to sell other products both genuine and counterfeit. As a result we no longer supply the photo of the celebrity signing or holding up our products. All the proof images are owned by Universal Signing and no unauthorised reproduction or distribution is permitted.

Proof is difficult!

Current celebrity autographs are among the most difficult signatures to obtain. Collecting autographs has become more difficult in recent years, with many top stars becoming reluctant to sign photographs in fear that the collector might sell them once they are autographed. Also the introduction of the private signing culture means that some stars are reluctant to sign, unless they receive a fee for their autograph.

The prices of our products on our site reflect the time, effort and cost involved in obtaining these autographs in-person. Although we always try and get a proof photo our priority is always the autograph, if we manage to get a proof photo too then that is an added bonus.

Many stars change their autographs frequently and there are numerous factors that can dictate the quality of an autograph. Often authentication of an autograph comes down to the credibility of the source and this is why we only deal with an extremely small selected group of dealers, collect most of our autographs’ in-person and never buy from third parties.

We hope you enjoy shopping with Universal Signing!